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6 Perfect Fall Date Night Ideas
Date night turns into the twice a month go eat at your favorite spot, stop by the store on the way home to pick up some dog food and you head home to watch a movie or the show you're both binge watching. If you need a few ideas on how to switch up date night during the fall here are a few!
Fright Night Movie Trailer [Video]
Do you like scary movies? ... if you answered yes then that makes one of us! I kid, I kid. This is apparently remake of a movie where a vampire lives next door to a ordinary family. Hilarity does NOT ensue! - Note: Vampire next door does NOT sparkle nor is a "vegetarian" - also thi…
Horrible Bosses Trailer [Video]
It's a good day for fans of dark comedy. This is a movie about some guys who have 'horrible bosses' so they plan to kill them. Hilarity ensues?
Dark humor is dark.
Big names staring in it though. Even a brunet Jennifer Aniston ... neat.

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