K9 Search and Rescue Show [PICS]
My friends, Bill and Katheryn McFadden have been great supporters of K9 Search and Rescue in Shreveport for years and over Labor Day weekend, they hosted their 10th annual K9 SAR Benefit Horse Show which features hunters, jumpers and dressage at Holly Hill Farm in Benton, LA. Each year, they raise a…
Horse Shows Are What I Call A Successful Vacation [VIDEO]
Oh my! You never know until you get back how much you truly need a vacation. You feel refreshed and ready to take on tasks/situations that previous annoyed the 'mess' out of you! With that being said, I did hate not being in the building this past week for Hurricane Isaac...
Redneck Dressage
I've been toying with the idea of writing a book. Clearly, I dig music, but people write about music all the time. Horses are no different, but most of the stuff you find is informational, not anecdotal. If you're in to horses, then you know they're a source of constant frustration an…
LMFAO Free Style Dressage (VIDEO)
Yes, I'm aware this my second horse post of the day but you've gotta see this to believe it! Anyone who has any experience will be amazed! Bent Jensen is AMAZING! I love the Wiggle!

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