Operation Santa Claus Is Here!
In many cases the Operation Santa Claus gifts are the only gifts that these children receive. If you want to donate and unwrapped toy you can do so over the course of the next couple weeks.
Dorm Room Safety: Fire Alarms Vs Sprinkler System
So here's a demonstration put on to show case the reason you need a sprinkler system or at the very least a fire detector. Interesting facts throw around in this video including a fire will double in size every 30 seconds. Unless it's me trying to start a fire at a bonfire, then it'll…
Firefighter Rescues Kitten From Inside a Pipe [VIDEO]
Earlier this week, a man dropped off a section of rusty pipe to firefighters at Redding, California’s Fire Station #4. Why? There was a kitten trapped inside of it. That’s right, a real life, just-larger-than-pipe-sized cat. So were these American heroes able to squee…