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Probably the Most Artistic Way to Cut a Mango
You know the difference between just living and living well? Art. This guy gets it. He takes a mango (which is probably my favorite fruit) and instead of just peeling it and giving the person a cup of yummy fruit. He turns it into a flower...
Oreo Balls, the Next Big Holiday Tradition?
The holiday season is the time of year we stuff our faces with delicious treats, candy cake, pies and oh yeah, cookies. Well here's a new one for you. Oreo wants you to make Oreo Balls. I've had these homemade treats before and let me just say...
How to Eat healthy during Mardi gras
Busy weekend ahead! Krewe of Centaur Mardi Gras Parade on Saturday and then the Super Bowl on Sunday means a weekend full of partying and fuller bellies! But if you're committed to fitness, what should you do?
I spoke to local fitness instructor Heather Binyon, who provided some healthy advice …
Food Review Is HILARIOUS
Sometimes you need a guy who will give it to you straight. Check out this video of a man eating a 5 Guys Burger ... it's amazing.
Edible Helium Ballons … Okay. [Video]
Rich folks ... they buy some crazy stuff amirite? There's a restaurant in Chicago that offers edible balloons. Thus the weird looking screen cap.
Anyway check the video of them making it and a guy ... eating? it.