I Escaped From Reality and COVID-19 for a Day
Have we gotten so used to living life in "quarantine" that we have forgotten how to date and how to escape? "The Experience" with David Magee was not just a night of fun, it was a reality check. did I really need a mentalist to snap me out of the rut that I was in?
Slip 'N Slides Sold Out for the Summer
From what it looks like the parent company of Slip 'N Slide knew it was coming, they saw sales double for 10 consecutive days in late April and were forced to quit taking orders online so they could conserve stock.
Cruising on a Bike to Fight Corona Blues
For the past two days, I’ve been excited to hit the streets on my bicycle. Yes. I realize my neighbors all probably think I’m weird and have nothing better to do, which is very much true. However, my anxiety has gone down dramatically and I feel like a kid again.

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