You Can Buy A Piece Of Shreveport History
Wanna buy a golf course?  Shreveport Country Club is up for sale.  The 117-year-old club closed back in October, and owners have been evaluating their options since that time.
In a lot of ways, it's not just the end of a business, it's the end of a way of life...
EPIC! Feathers Fly At US Open (VIDEO)
I don't know what happened at your house over the weekend, but at my house, my hubby was watching the US Open all weekend! In fact, for Father's Day Sunday, I had to take him to Academy to look for the plush tiger club cover that Tiger Woods was sporting over the weekend.
I’d Call This A “Hole In One!” (VIDEO)
Most golfers dream of a hole in one... Eagles and birdies fill fill their hopes as well. But occasionally, the reality of a stray shot will break windows or hit other golfers. But this might be the shot of the century, nay, the millennium!

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