Greenwood Police To Be Working DUI Checkpoint
*PRESS RELEASE* The Greenwood Police Department is going to be working a DWI Checkpoint funded by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission. Officers will be conducting the Checkpoint on August 28, 2015, in an effort to keep drunk and “buzzed” drivers off our streets...
GREAT – Great Results Equine Assisted Therapies, Inc.
They tell us to write on subjects we're passionate about when posting our daily blogs here at K945. As you know, I'm passionate about horses. They have pure souls and it's been said, "Horses are cheaper than therapy!" That is SO TRUE! Horses are therapeutic in many, many ways! I decided to do some research and I found that equine therapy is used around the world. It's not only used to he
Local Dog Abuser Goes Free
Wow! What do you do when you get an email like this?!?! Stories like this just make me ill. There are some bad people in the world, of that, there is no doubt and I can't explain it anymore than the next person. I can't imagine what I would feel like if this were my dog. I was hot under the collar when I found the neighbor kid chasing my dog with a stick, but this is just plain over the top MEAN.