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How to Make Butter at Home
Well the other day the lady Stifler (my wife) and I were looking at videos on cooking on the internet. We came across a video of how to make your own butter. Seemed easy enough. Take some heavy whipping cream, put it in a jar, shake it for 6 minutes, pour off the milk and what's left is butter.…
Rather Long Video on How to Make an English Dessert
I don't know anything about this woman other than watching her was extremely entertaining. Here's a lady named Rebecca who (long story short) makes her favorite dessert Trifle, using her grandmothers recipe. Trust me the long story is worth the watch...
Fancy Manicures to Warm You Up
Check out some awesome nail art that's sure to inspire you to be all you can be. Included is a project one man did for his wife imagine a shelf, with every single bottle of your nail polish on display. It's pretty awesome.
10 Christmas Themed Life Hacks
My awesome mother in law (shout out to Kim) sent me this video saying I "Thought your listeners might enjoy these tips." Well I think she's right! This video has tips for the holidays like how to make christmas pancakes, to making your home smell great.
Improve Your Summer With These Great Tricks
Summertime in the SBC can feel like a year-long endeavor when it's hot closer to 7 or 8 months out of the year. Here are some tips to beat the heat, like how to keep your hands clean while eating a popsicle or freezing a little water in a bottle to have cold water all day.
Stifler Proposes 'Harry Potter' style
I am by no stretch arts and crafty. I am however a man in love with a woman who loves some Harry Potter. I heard from her friend that this is the perfect way to propose to my love. So I gave it my best. Here's what I did and some stuff I wish I would have done. ...
Feather Extensions (VIDEO)

Getty Images/Jim Dyson
Feather extensions are all the rage this Summer and today, I thought I'd find some information for you on how to put your own feather extensions in without trashing your hair or having to go to the salon. After all, Ke$ha wears them... Selena Gomez and Miley wear 'em, too! …