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Steven Spielberg Reveals Which ‘Indiana Jones’ Is His Least Favorite (No, Not That One)
Steven Spielberg, prolific and legendary as he is, has had plenty of flops in his time, and he’s not afraid to let everyone know which of his many film children he likes the least. While making the new documentary Spielberg, documentarian Susan Lacy spent more than 30 hours interviewing her subject, and during some of those sessions he told her which of his Indiana Jones films he likes the least. No, it’s not that one.
The Indiana Jones Easter Egg You May Have Missed in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’
Nobody really knows what’s going on with Disney and Lucasfilm’s reported reboot of the Indiana Jones franchise. They say they want to do it, we know they want to do it because they paid $3 billion for this stuff, but Steven Spielberg says there’s no way he’d recast Harrison Ford. So while they figure all that out, there’s this easter egg in Star Wars: The Force Awakens to keep all the Indiana Jones fans satisfied. You probably didn’t catch it the first time around, but we’re here to help you out.

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