Jersey Shore: Fight And Forgive
There was a huge brawl Monday night in the Jersey house between Ronnie and the Situation. The fist fight resulted after Ronnie had an argument with Sammi and started mouthing off to the Situation. They started throwing punches, and the Situation walked away with two black eyes while Ronnie had to wr…
Jersey Shore Drama
The Jersey Shore crew may be limited in what they are allowed to do while filming in Italy, but you can always count on some drama, and this season is already sounding juicy. Ronnie and Sami’s relationship seems to be back on following an explosive breakup last season.
What Are Italians Saying About Jersey Shore?
With the airing of the Season 3 finale last Thursday, the cast of "Jersey Shore" is now about to hit up Italy to begin filming the show's fourth season. And not to anyone’s surprise, Italians aren't exactly thrilled to welcome them, even though the show just started airing there yesterday…