Jason Segel

‘Tonight Show Family Feud': The Fallon Family vs. The Questlove Family
Most of the time, Jimmy Fallon confines the 'Tonight Show' games to just one or two participants, enough to keep things clean and easy to follow, with plenty of attention for his various guests. On last night's edition, however, the host decided to pump things up just a bit with an all-star take on 'Family Feud' that crowded the show's stage with a metric ton of Hollywood talent.
Success! Singing YouTube Fan Scores Date With Jason Segel [VIDEO]
Sometimes, getting a date with a celebrity is as simple as asking them out on YouTube. Last week Chicago resident Chelsea Gill uploaded a video of her singing a song requesting that ‘The Muppets’ star Jason Segel take her out for a drink. Segel saw the video, was charmed by Gill’s deft rhyming, and happened to be going to Chicago over the weekend for the Chicago Film Critic Awards.
SNL Unveils Hosts, Musical Guests For November
"Saturday Night Live" announced Monday that Charlie Day ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"), Emma Stone and Jason Segel ("How I Met Your Mother", "The Muppets") will host the show in November.
Best Movie Trailer Ever [Video]
When you watch this trailer you'll be all "awww." Then you'll be all "ooh." Then you'll be like "whhaaat?" Then you'll be all "LOLZ" ... Why am I talking like I'm 14?  I don't know either.