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Emma Stone Is the Year’s Highest-Paid Actress
Emma Stone has come a long way from her La La Land character Mia’s humble barista origins: she’s now the highest-paid actress of this year, thanks mostly to last year’s Damien Chazelle film that rocketed her around the awards circuit last winter.
Jennifer Lawrence Opens the Door in New ‘mother!’ Trailer
The latest trailer for mother! is arguably more effective than the first — hard to imagine after that initial and completely bonkers sneak peek, I know. But this one uses sound and dialogue to unnerving effect, and although doing more telling than showing seems counterintuitive, it’s a…
Scarlett Johansson Is the Highest-Grossing Actor of 2016
Near the end of every year, Forbes releases their rankings of the top actors in Hollywood based on their box-office value and earnings (along with a list of the most overpaid actors, which is always interesting). This year, Scarlett Johansson tops the list of the highest-grossing actors in Hollywood…

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