Calling All Crazy Cat Ladies!
Los Angeles, California just opened their first cat cafe. No joke, this is amazing! Not only for all the crazy cat ladies like me out there, but for the animal shelters that are involved with this cat cafe. I love the fact that the cats are adoptable and that they have Kitten Parties...
The Daily Aww: Featuring A Kitten
Woke up this morning doing my usual patrol of the internet when I came across a picture of a sweet kitty. Did a little more digging and found a couple more pictures but not much information about the kitty cat other than s/he was just adopted.
The Daily Aww: Featuring Dexter the Kitty
Dexter was a stray kitten that was found hanging out around trash cans looking for some food, when he found his forever friend who took him in and gave him not only a bath but some food too. Check out the cute shots of Dexter.