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Liam Neeson Is Officially Retiring From Action Movies
Liam Neeson has a particular set of skills, a set of skills has acquired over a very long career. In recent years, those skills have frequently been put to use in films where Neeson plays fathers and former government professionals burdened by personal demons, who wear leather jackets and yell at ba…
Liam Neeson Seeks Revenge in Clash of Clans Super Bowl Ad
Liam Neeson may act like a total badass when he's in movies like ‘Taken’, but he's not above poking a little fun at his new tough guy persona. The actor appeared in a new Super Bowl commercial for Clash of Clans and delivered a monologue that sounds as if it were taken (no pu…
'Ted 2' Reunites Liam Neeson With Seth MacFarlane
Apparently Liam Neeson didn't get his fill of Seth MacFarlane charm from 'A Million Ways to Die in the West.' As the 'Family Guy' creator revealed on Twitter, Neeson has joined the cast of 'Ted 2,' and not only that, but he also filmed his scene already.
'SNL' Brings in Liam Neeson to Help with Russia
The world is a little more terrifying than usual these days. With Russian forces occupying Ukraine's Crimean peninsula, the internet has already started throwing around references to World War III. Thankfully, 'SNL' is here to take something that has us terrified and make us laugh ins…

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