No Arms, No Legs, No Worries
Imagine living life without any limbs. We're talking no arms, no legs. I couldn't imagine life with 9 fingers much less no limbs.
This guy's name is Nick Vujicic. He's a motivational speaker from Australia. He was born with no limbs.
Still, he finds the time each day to be happy &a…
1 year old Amputee Learning to Walk
Here's a surprisingly motivating and ridiculously cute video of a 1 year old baby learning to walk with his new legs and a walker. What makes it so cute is how he keeps reaffirming himself saying "I got it!"
Twitter’s Take On Monday Motivation
I enjoy bringing you motivation every Monday. Well, I got on twitter today for the first time in ages and saw #motivationalmonday. I checked it out and it's pretty awesome. Here are the highlights.
Motivational Monday The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
Motivation is everywhere, from the kids trying to learn underneath an overpass. To a person celebrating their weight loss with the internet. Motivation can be found in many different forms. Here's some visual motivation to get you fired up

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