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Lady Gaga Reveals She’s Hard at Work on New Album and Tour [AUDIO]
In today’s pop marketplace, it’s commonly accepted for an artist to take three years or longer to finish a new album, which is almost exactly how long it took Lady Gaga to get from her first full-length collection, ‘The Fame,’ to its recently released follow-up, ‘Born This Way.’
But Gaga didn’t get w…
Scotty McCreery Reveals Track Listing for ‘Clear as Day’
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With a little less than a month to go until Scotty McCreery‘s ‘Clear as Day’ reaches stores, the countdown to the ‘American Idol’ winner’s debut is officially under way.
That’s a long time to make do with Scotty’s first two singles, ‘I Love You This Big’ and ‘The Trouble With Girls.’ …
Madonna Reveals Plans for New Album in Spring 2012
It’s been a few years since Madonna released her last album of original material, and in that time, a whole new crop of budding pop divas — including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Ke$ha — has emerged.
But it won’t be long before Madonna returns to reclaim the throne. According to a recent interview, she…
Is ‘You and I’ Lady Gaga’s Next Single?
Lady Gaga was apparently in the small town of Springfield, Nebraska this week shooting a music video for her alleged upcoming single, ‘You and I.’
According to PopCrush, members of the music video crew let it slip that Gaga was filming a video for the slow-burning ballad, in whi…
Demi Lovato Reveals New Album Will Be Released in September
She has a new iTunes number one hit under her belt and a new, post-rehab outlook on life — and soon, Demi Lovato will have a new album, too.
During a recent live chat with fans, Lovato announced that her next album will be released September 20. According to Lovato, the new collection is “the coolest…