Who Wants To Date Octomom?!?
Apparently stripping and 'movies' weren't enough to pay the bills... Octomom is now auctioning off dates to the highest bidder. Believe it or not, Octomom is dating for cash!
Octomom Nadya Suleman: ‘I’m Very Conservative’ [INTERVIEW]
Nadya Suleman has been in the news recently thanks to her new job as an adult actress in "Octomom: Home Alone." Suleman, 36, became a household name overnight in 2009 for giving birth to eight children -- much to the chagrin of many people. Now that she is doing something a bit more provoc…
Octomom Has A New Boyfriend
Octomom says that she has been celibate for the last 13 years and planned on staying that way until her kids reached 18 but the mommy of 14 is singing another tune now that she’s found a hot, young boyfriend.
36-year old Nadya Suleman fessed up that she’s dating 23-yea…
Octomom Cancels Stripping Gig
Octomom really liked the power, or something, she felt after she completed her solo film adventure so she decided to take her talents to the main stage! She was going to be a featured dancer at this strip club in Palm Beach, doing two shows a night for a week, but she decided to cancel the gig...
Octomom Gets Social Services Called On Her
Social services were called out to Nadya Sulemen, the Octomom’s house after her hair dresser blew the whistle on her unfit parenting and living situation. The hairdresser reported that there was only one working bathroom in the house with 14 kids, some that are still potty training..…
The Hizziewood Hizzle 1/18
January 18, 2011
Brooke giving Charlie another chance? Proud new parents Nicole and Keith... And Octomom no longer strapped for cash?
Charlie Sheen is having the time of his life and his estranged wife Brooke Mueller is supposedly considering giving their marriage another go...

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