K945 VIP – Shout Out Entry Failure
For the past week we’ve been getting complaints about our website not allowing folks to put in the shout outs we give during the morning with Kidd Kraddick at 4:10 and 5:10 with Bristol
I present to you the reason our websites haven’t been allowing you to put in the sh…
If You Wear Pajama’s In Public It’s Not Your Fault.
Kristi Johnston at the Shreveport Times is reporting
Caddo Parish District Commissioner Michael Williams: "Because of fashion designers, and everything is motivated by money and because of their greed to make money, they make night clothes to be worn in public."
Councilman Michael Williams Just Won’t Stop (VIDEO)
Check out this video from KSLA... Unbelievable! Stifler is right, it's def time for a sit in... Naw, that's too political. It's time for a sleep over in front of the Caddo Courthouse. We've already checked into it. No permit required, just need to let the Chief know ahead of time…
Proposed Pajama Ban Still Going On? Seriously?
Kristi Johnston at the Shreveport Times who (I'm informed) broke the original story of one mans desire to stop all joy of going out in public while wearing pajamas. Has an update. The Caddo Commissioner is still at it!
Pajamuary The KSLA News Story [Video]
The Pajamuary continues ... I write this post as I wear my most tame PJ's yet pj's none the less. Thanks to everybody who came to Phoenix the other night for the big shin dig ... I had alot of fun wearing my pj's hope you did too!