Drew Brees and One Direction for Pepsi [VIDEO]
New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees and British sensations One Direction are making history for Pepsi! They've always had some pretty cool commercials. After all, who can forget Michael Jackson's Pepsi generation commercials? Or Britney, Pink and Beyonce rocking Pepsi gladiator style?
Nicki Minaj – Scary or Sexy? [VIDEO]
I realize this is totally random but have you ever really watched the Nicki Minaj Pepsi commercial? Nicki is known for making crazy faces but I'm never actually been taken aback before. So this is an honest question for the guys... Nicki Minaj; Scary or Sexy...
Watch Nicki Minaj’s New Pepsi Commercial
Nicki Minaj goes pop indeed — soda pop, that is — in her new Pepsi ad. The clip, set to a remix of Minaj’s hit ‘Moment for Life,’ opens with a cute brunette couple popping open some cans of — what else? — Pepsi. The song choice was a deliberate one, because as soon as they start sipping, time stops. The duo takes advantage of this and goes on a global adventure.
Michael Jackson Included in Pepsi ‘Live for Now’ Campaign
Michael Jackson lives on not only in his music, but also on cans of Pepsi. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of his ‘Bad’ album, the soft drink brand has partnered with the King of Pop’s estate for its ‘Live for Now’ campaign, which will feature a whopping one billion special edition Michael Jackson Bad 25 Pepsi cans in addition to iconic music, epic live events and opportunities for fans to

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