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BBC Reveals The Truth About ‘Real’ity TV
I've been on a reality tv show once. The director told me exactly what to say and what to do. Not only that, but I was edited to look like a moron. Not my proudest moment to say the least. When I try to explain how editing works to most people, I get a blank stare.
BBC did a pretty amazing break down…
And on the 12th Day God Created….
Gatorbillies. Yes. I just made up a word.
You know, we at K945 are kinda known for making our own vocabulary in the SBC, and this is the new word. Here's how it happened:
A friend in Ohio asked if I was participating in the record breaking lotto...
Paris Hilton Fail
Paris Hilton’s new reality show, The World According to Paris, debuted last week on Oxygen to some disastrous ratings. And Paris is blaming the network for her reality show fail.
Paris says she did the publicity rounds to promote her show, and then it aired in a completely different t…

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