6 Selfie Facts You Need To See [LIST]
The selfie. Some have perfected it, while others are still trying to figure out where the camera button is.
Both the Huffington Post and Zee News recently compiled some selfie information that I found quite shocking.
Here's six things you need to know about the selfie:
1. Peo...
This Guy Took a Selfie Every Single Day of His Teens
Got 3 minutes? If so you can spend those 3 minutes watching a guy go from ages 13 to 19! He took hundreds of selfies everyday going from a fresh faced kid to a dude who has to shave every couple of days (seconds?). Anyway pretty cool video (dude seems popular with the ladies)...
Say Hello to the Selfie Toaster
I don't know about you, but I love a good selfie.
How about a selfie... For breakfast?
Indeed, a company called Burnt Impressions can make you a hit at the breakfast table. They have invented a product called the "Selfie Toaster".
My friends, there is nothing more awesome than ma…