Fan Charges Field and Punches Soccer Player [VIDEO]
This is just hideous.
Some guy jumped onto a soccer field and smashed a players face.
He apparently broke his cheek bone with the punch.
His team then jumped in and attacked him until security finally arrived and did it's job.
Read the entire, crazy story HERE...
Soccer Player Scores a Goal then Falls Into a Huge Hole
I love soccer for many reasons but the main reason is definitely the celebrations.
The pure excitement that goes through these athletes after scoring is just mesmerizing.
I've never seen anything like this though. My man gets a nice goal then takes off and jumps over a barricade...
Dudes Playing Soccer while in Huge Inflatable Balls
Wacky video from Germany. I guess they're still on a high from winning the World Cup soccer trophy thing that I don't understand. Well here's a video of some Germans kicking a soccer ball around while wearing a huge ball suit.
Looks like a blast, though I would be more confused about …

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