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‘Deadpool’ Is the Most Pirated Movie of 2016
When is a superhero movie like Game of Thrones? When it’s the most pirated movie of the year, of course. On a new list of all the movies downloaded from popular torrenting site BitTorrent, the merc with a mouth tops the chart over Batman v. Superman, Captain America: Civil War, and The Force Awakens.
‘Suicide Squad’ Concept Art Proves That Jared Leto’s Joker Could’ve Been Way Worse
Jared Leto’s gritty ’n grilled take on the Clown Prince of Crime was easily the most controversial part of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Early photos of Leto’s tatted-up Joker drew heavy criticism from fans and launched a million jokes on social media, where he was compared to everything from a Juggalo to a Hot Topic mascot — and that was before we found out about his wacky on-set “method acting” antics, which permanently cemented his status as a ridiculous human being. But if you thought that version of the Joker was obnoxious, boy do we have some concept art for you.
Go Behind the Scenes with Joker and Harley Quinn in This ‘Suicide Squad’ Featurette
Listen, impressionable young men and women of the world, because this is important: you should not watch Suicide Squad and think that the Joker and Harley Quinn represent any kind of reasonable #RelationshipGoal. This is an abusive and possessive relationship, start to finish, and while there may be a more consensual love story scattered among the footage on the cutting room floor, we won’t know until we see it. This is a pretty important disclaimer to throw out there before we talk about this footage
More Jared Leto in ‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut
Well, we were all clamoring for it. Or, somebody was. Regardless, there’s an extended cut Blu-ray of Suicide Squad coming out, with many more minutes featuring the antics of the Worst. Superheroes. Ever. Warner Bros. just released a trailer for the upcoming release, with a few shots we haven’t seen before in other trailers or the movie itself.

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