‘Supergirl’ Will Finally Meet Lex Luthor This Season
Lex Luthor’s name has often been mentioned in the first few seasons of Supergirl, but Superman’s arch-nemesis has never been seen on The CW’s hit super-series…until now. Kara will officially come face-to-face with her cousin’s most famous foe this season — although he won’t be appearing in the highly-anticipated “Elseworlds” crossover event.
‘Supergirl’ Movie Reportedly in the Works as Warner Bros. Hires Screenwriter
A little bit of a good news / eyebrow-raising news situation here, as Warner Bros. and DC Films are reportedly plotting a Supergirl movie (yay!) from the writer of The Cloverfield Paradox (hmm…). It’s still early days, however, and given the number of writers typically involved in your average blockbuster, it seems likely that this iteration of the script will be one of many.