‘Hereditary’ Could Be the Best Horror Film of 2018
In recent years, one horror film emerges early on as the best horror film of the year. In 2017 it was Jordan Peele’s exceptionally smart social thriller Get Out; in 2016 it was Robert Eggers’ period stunner The Witch; in 2018 that honor goes to Ari Aster’s Hereditary. Starring T…
Will SXSW Leave Texas?
It should come as no surprise that the week long dip into the deep end of the hip pool is coveted across the land. Other cities would like to have the precious, and are using the controversial new "Anti-sanctuary city" law, also known as SB4 to further their means.
Jay-Z Performed Thrilling Show at SXSW Festival
Rapper Jay-Z brought Brooklyn to Austin, Texas with a thrilling concert at the SXSW festival. The hip-hop king headlined the American Express Sync Show on Monday (March 12) at the Austin City Limits Live venue, which was streamed online for millions of fans via YouTube.

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