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‘Simpsons’ Voice Actor Dies
Marcia Wallace, who provided the voice of Bart Simpson's teacher, Edna Krabapple, on Fox's "The Simpsons", passed away one week before her 70th birthday.
'The Simpsons' To Kill Off a Major Character
We've heard quite a bit about 'The Simpsons'' twenty-fifth season, from its rich vein of celebrity guest stars, to the 'Homeland' parody that gripped this past Sunday's premiere, but is the spectre of death once again lurking about Springfield? Like Maude Flanders …
We Hope You Like These Memes for Canada Day, Eh?
It's Canada Day! July 1 marks the anniversary of the passing of the Constitution Act in 1867, which united three different colonies into one country -- Canada! We thought we'd honor our friendly neighbors to the North with some of our favorite Canadian memes.

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