Tiger Woods

Lindsey Vonn Still Doesn’t Regret Hooking Up With Tiger Woods
The newest issue of Vogue features an interview with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn -- who, as you can see above, is super busy putting on evening gowns and skiing down imaginary mountains that are really coffee tables. (Man, this heat wave is affecting everyone.) Oh, and she also talked about her relationship with still semi-disgraced golfer Tiger Woods.
Watch Tiger Woods and Shaq Duel Martial Arts-Style
Using Kung-Fu to market a golf game? The makers of ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13,’ Electronic Arts, seem to think it’s a good idea. EA has unveiled a viral commercial starring the basketball giant Shaquille O’ Neal and the game’s title master Tiger Woods. Dressed in traditional samurai garb, the two sports legends bow in honor before…well, you’ll have to watch.
A Divorce More Costly Than Tiger Woods
Maria Shriver hired the top Hollywood divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, but has kept her on the back burner for now. No divorce papers have been filed as of yet, but there is already speculation on how big the payout will be if she divorces Arnold Schwarzenegger after 25 years of marriage and learning of his 13 year old secret love child.
Tiger Woods Allegedly Dating 22-Year-Old With Arrest Record
Tiger Woods is apparently back on the dating scene. According to the Daily Mail, the disgraced golfer is now dating Alyse Lahti Johnston, a 22-year-old (yep, 22) student from Cleveland, Ohio.The relationship has reportedly been going on for a few months now, and sources say Woods -- who is 13 years Johnston's senior -- is "smitten" with her.
Tiger Woods Is Dating A Chick He Met 15 Years Ago
Tiger Woods is reportedly dating a 22-year-old named Alyse Lahti Johnston. New York Magazine is reporting that Woods and Alyse actually met back when she was seven years old. Her stepfather used to work for IMG and helped Woods get his record-breaking 60-million dollar deal with Nike back in 1996...