Who Drops A Puppy?!?!? [VIDEO]
Apparently, Kathie Lee Gifford drops puppies. If I was that dog, I'd have bitten her when she picked me up again. Hims just a cute little baby!!! I always knew there was something wrong with her! Adding insult to injury, she said the puppy smelled...
Paula Abdul Calls 911
March 03, 2011 Charlie Sheen reaches out to his ex-wife? What made Paula Abdul call the police crying? And who does Snooki want to be like? Find all this juicy gossip and more in today's Hizziewood Hizzle!
New Cast Of Dancing With The Stars!!!
March 01, 2011 Charlie Sheen lost his publicists? Who is on the next season of Dancing with the Stars? We'll tell you in today's Hizziewood Hizzle! Charlie Sheen was on ABC's "Good Morning America", NBC’s "Today" show, “Piers Morgan Tonight” and TMZ...

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