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Bye, Bye CeCe Frey:( [VIDEO]
First Willie Jones left the X Factor, then Dez Duron was voted off The Voice and now, the last contestant that I actually liked on the X Factor is gone. Well, other than Emblem3... Bye, bye CeCe Frey.
Poor CeCe. No one could ever get your name right...
Willie Jones Eliminated on 'X Factor'
Weeks after wowing "X Factor" judges with a unique look and sound, Shreveport native Willie Jones has been eliminated. The 18-year-old Jones was disappointed, but put on a brave face, saying, " sucks that I have to go home, but it was really fun to be here."
Willie Jones Got Hustled on ‘The X Factor’! [VIDEO]
According to L.A. Reid, Shreveport's own Willie Jones got hustled last night by Tate Stevens on the X Factor during the second phase of Boot Camp. I couldn't stand seeing the tears on Willie's face after he forgot the words to Nobody Knows It But Me.
I Love Shreveport’s Willie Jones [VIDEO]
Willie Jones wowed The X Factor Judges and the audience the other day when he sang. I love his style. I love his smile. I love his shoes. And I love how he looks around in disbelief that everyone loves him. Simon Cowell is always known for saying horrible things, but when he said he would always rem…