This is definitely one record that Taysom Hill does not want in the Saints record books.

While Hill has given us flashes of hope and plenty of highlights over his four-game stint as the Saints starting QB, there is one glaring statistic that is simply insurmountable: his ball protection.

Hill has 10 fumbles through 13 games, but the fact that he's only started 4 of those games is definitely concerning given the fact that he hasn't been on the field nearly enough to warrant that type of giveaway rate. For perspective, Aaron Brooks currently holds the Saints records for giveaways at 14 (2003) and Hill has somehow managed to close in on that number with only about 25% of the starting snaps.

Brooks was notorious for fumbling, putting the ball on the floor 11 or more times each season between 2001-2004. Drew Brees' worst season for ball control came in 2009 when he fumbled 10 times, but we all know how that season worked out.

The hidden statistic here that makes Hill's fumbles so devastating is the fact that nearly all of them have come at a time where they absolutely killed the momentum for the Saints.

Those who consider Taysom Hill to be the heir apparent to Drew Brees (including Sean Payton) can forget about it if he doesn't clean this up.

Ball control is paramount in the NFL, especially at the quarterback position, and if Hill can't figure it out, he'll be giving more than just the ball away.

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