Did Ted Williams quite after ONE WEEK? Oprah's new sister and Kelly Osbourne as the face for Madonna? You'll find that and more in today's Showbiz Top 5!

5. Kelly Osbourne is the new face of Madonna and her daughter Lourdes' clothing line called Material Girl. That means Taylor Momsen is out. Maybe Taylor's bad-girl behavior was a little TOO bad for Madonna? In November, she reportedly was suspended from "Gossip Girl" because of her bad behavior. And in January, Lourdes blogged that Material Girl was "desperately seeking" a new face for the line. Madonna and Lourdes reportedly are thrilled that Kelly Osbourne has agreed to be the new face of the clothing line and the campaign will officially launch in the next few weeks.

4. About 9 months ago, Jason Trawick resigned as Britney Spears' agent so he could concentrate solely on being her boyfriend. But that was then. And now, Britney has re-signed with Jason's company, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, and he is part of the team that will be handling her career. A source says Jason will be handling Britney's acting career, and that a separate team will concentrate on her music.

3. Bret Michaels had surgery yesterday to close a hole in his heart. His rep says Bret is still in ICU at St. Joseph's Hospitl in Phoenix for observation, but the surgery was successful and he's doing well. He says it wasn't an emergency procedure, but rather a preventive one. Doctors hope it will reduce the risk of Bret suffering from blood clots or further strokes. Back in April, Bret suffered a brain hemorrhage that almost killed him and then had a mini-stroke a month later. That's when doctors discovered the hole in his heart.

2. Oprah Winfrey revealed her big family secret yesterday, that she has a half-sister she never knew about. When Oprah was 9, she was living with her dad in Tennessee. Her mother, Vernita Lee, was back in Milwaukee. Vernita became pregnant and gave the baby girl up for adoption. Oprah never even knew her mom was pregnant. The baby bounced around from foster home to foster home until she was adopted at age 7. Patricia said her childhood was difficult and she always longed to know her birth mother. Patricia had a daughter at 17 and a son six years later. She was a single mom who worked two jobs to take care of them. But when she turned 20, that's when Patricia decided to try to find her birth mother. She gave that up pretty quickly, but then decided to try again a few years ago. Thru the adoption agency, she reached out to her birth mom, who refused to meet her. But Patricia happened to catch a news story about a woman named Vernita Lee and she was talking about two of her children who passed away and Patricia realized that info matched what was in her adoption records. Patricia reached out to Vernita again, but she wasn't ready to meet the daughter she gave up. But Patricia contacted Oprah's niece, who agreed to a DNA test, and that proved they were family. This was about 3 years ago. Just this past October, Oprah found out about her half-sister, and confronted her mom, who admitted the truth. Oprah and Patricia finally met on Thanksgiving and Oprah introduced her to the rest of us yesterday.

1. Ted Williams has checked himself out of rehab. After talking to Dr. Phil, the Homeless Man with the Golden Voice checked into the Origins Recovery Center in South Padre Island, TX,less than 2 weeks ago to deal with his drug and alcohol problems. But after 12 days of treatment and against medical advice, Ted checked himself out and went straight to the airport. Where he went, I don't know. Dr. Phil released a statement saying he hopes Ted will continue his commitment to sobriety and that he and his team will continue to help and support him in any way that they can.

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