What latest YouTube video has over 59 million views, beating out a couple of Justin Bieber’s songs and Lady Gaga’s most recent video? It is none other than 13-year-old "Friday" superstar Rebecca Black. And whether you believe her song and video are real, Rebecca is launching a music career. She has a manager now, and his team has built a website for her called RebeccaBlackOnline.com. It already has a bio, photos and video, including clips of her "Tonight Show" appearance and of course, that flawless "Friday" video itself. But the craziness doesn’t stop there; supposedly, Rebecca is drawing interest from major record labels. Her manager says, quote, "Record labels have been contacting [us] about Rebecca. There is definitely interest from real record labels. They've found out she can sing. With all this exposure, we're looking at her coming out with more songs and an album. We've been getting submissions from a lot of fantastic songwriters. That's a good sign." Yeah… for her… not so much the music industry.