I recently had a birthday, and this weekend I sat down with the handful of gift cards I got and went to the internet to buy my self something nice.  Sky's the limit (up to $40), and I was about to splurge.  Imagine my absolute joy at finding the thing I have wanted since I was ten years old for sale - then the crushing depression from realizing that I was $1,399,960 short.

Of course, I am referring to the absolutely beautiful, privately-owned Mig-23 "Fishbed" fighter bomber that's up for sale at airplane auction site Controller.com.  While the venerable bird entered production in 1967, this particular plane got her wings in 1981.  Since then, it has been lovingly cared for and even updated with new ejection seats and controls in English (super helpful).

The supersonic fighter/bomber can really freak out the local cops on radar duty - the R-27 300 engine can push this little winged devil to Mach 2.35 (more than twice the speed of sound).  It also has a brand new set of tires, 3 new drag chutes, and a tow bar.  An absolute deal at $1.4 million.

I got myself a new wallet instead.

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