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Are you looking for love? Has the pandemic made you realize you weren't meant to be alone? According to Match.com, this Sunday is referred to as 'Dating Sunday' and is the biggest day for online dating of the year!

The secret is out. Yes, I'm single and I keep getting app notifications to make sure my Match.com dating profile is ready to go for this Sunday. After a quick Google search, I've found that indeed, this Sunday, January 3rd, is the biggest sign-up day of the year for online dating websites like Match and Tinder. In fact, they've identified peak dating season as being December 26th through February 14th.

So, how popular is 'Dating Sunday?' One article says that online dating activity can swell up to 75%. Is 2021 going to be our year for love? I don't know about you, but I don't think we were made to be alone. I'd love to find my forever. With that being said, how's my profile looking in advance of 'dating Sunday?' Let me know if you think there's anything I should update or change. I'm open to public humiliation in the pursuit of love!

Let’s have fun! I’m always up for an adventure! I’d like to think I’m a genuinely good person and my family and faith are important to me. I’m an independent, goal-oriented woman with big dreams. I have a huge heart and am looking for the same. I love to laugh! As for activities, (yes, that was a ‘Step Brothers’ reference 😁) you’re more likely to find me in a barn, than a bar, because I’m an avid equestrian. I also like hitting the lake and the range. However, I can clean up for a night out and enjoy live music, trying new restaurants, and exploring the unique... I dig a dive bar with a good jukebox. Watch out if I’m rocking my red lipstick and heels! What am I looking for? I’d love to find a partner in crime, best friend, and potentially a lover. Shared values are a must. Oh yeah, serious bonus points for a great sense of humor, if you own your own tux, and if you’re witty and slightly irreverent!

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