Every week, Chica & the Bald Guy search the Shreveport/Bossier City area (commonly referred to as the SBC) for your favorite teacher.  Every single person who chooses the teaching lifestyle does so knowing that they will most likely never get rich for it.  The fearless men and women that face a class full (or more) of our kids day in and day out deserve much more than they get.  It is in that spirit that we seek to recognize one educator a week who goes above and beyond the call of duty for her students!  This week that exemplary teacher is Arden Madden!

Arden was nominated a number of times.  She regularly spends her own money on snacks, treats, and even clothing items (like socks and shoes) for her students.  Mrs. Madden spends countless hours at home and late at school making sure everything is perfect for her kids and has even been spotted at games and performances that her students are in.

This spectacular mind sculptor teaches 6th and 8th grade English at Benton Middle School and also coaches the danceline.   Congratulations, Arden Madden - you are Chica and the Bald Guy's Teacher of the Week.  Not only do you have our respect and admiration, you have also been awarded a $50 gift card good at Notini's restaurant!

Nominate the most amazing teacher you know for next week's Teacherr of the Week Award!