The 2022 Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl is shaping up to be a record breaking game, before the teams even hit town. This year's Indy Bowl could be the coldest of all time.

Right now, the Weather Channel is calling for a high temperature of 29 degrees on Friday. Which means when Houston and Louisiana-Lafayette play in Shreveport, it would be a record for the Indy Bowl.

But lets not pretend that the Independence Bowl is normally a tropical atmosphere. The game has has temperatures in the 70s and 80s for games, but that isn't normal. The normal temperature for games appears to be between 45 and 65 degrees. Not bad for football weather at all.

As of right now, before we see what happens with the 2022 game this week, the current record for the coldest daily high for an Independence Bowl came in 2000, and led to one of the greatest games the bowl has ever seen. It's known as "The Snow Bowl"...

Mississippi State and Texas A&M got to play in a Shreveport blizzard that day. More snow fell during the game than Shreveport normally sees in an entire winter. Obviously the Indy Bowl isn't as well equipped as Lambeau Field or Gillette Stadium when it comes to snow removal, so the game had a constant layer of powder on the field.

The game was a great one, with plenty of points scored, and even a trip to overtime. Then in overtime, you got to see one of the craziest things in football, that you rarely get to enjoy...a blocked extra point returned for a 2-point defensive score.

Even though the 2022 game will likely be colder than the legendary Snow Bowl, there's no precipitation in the forecast of this year. Just lots of sun, and little wind.

High Temps For Every Independence Bowl In History

We looked at the historic high temperatures for the date of each Independence Bowl in Shreveport. The temps were the daily recorded highs at the Shreveport Regional Airport, not the exact temps at kickoff of the game.

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