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Last month I was watching trailers for the new Marvel Disney+ show The Falcon & The Winder Soldier and started to put something together. Looking over the background shots of the show, I could see some familiar landscapes. It looked pretty swampy, and then it clicked. This new MCU show was going to have Louisiana as a setting.

That theory came true. In the first episode Sam Wilson, The Falcon, played by New Orleans native Anthony Mackie came to his family's home in Delacroix, Louisiana. His sister runs a fishing boat that had belonged to his parents, and also still live in the family's home where it appears Sam lives too.

This is a break from the comic book version, where The Falcon is from New York City. But the fact that the actor portraying The Falcon is from Louisiana may have steered that creative change.

But while Louisiana is a big part of Sam's backstory, it hasn't really played as a setting for the show yet. Now thanks to some reviewing of the Marvel trailers, and a "leak" online, that's probably going to change.

A Reddit user named Plenty_Echidna_545 has been spot-on with leaks about the Disney+ show since it started. They have been posting on the Reddit forum called Marvel Studio Spoilers, and have an impeccable record on posting leaks, including run times for the episodes, and plot points.

This week, the Reddit leaker says "Sam and Bucky go to Louisiana" as their description of the show. Matching with the footage form this MCU trailer, it looks like we're about to see Sam get Captain America's shield back, and start training to become the new Captain America...in Louisiana.

Will the Falcon-to-Cap transition happen in South Louisiana? We don't know for sure, but based on the leaks, and the footage in the trailer we haven't seen in the show yet, it would like up that way. If it does, that's going to further cement Louisiana's importance to the MCU.

What Louisiana means to the MCU is something we've already covered before. With Captain Marvel having a large chunk of their movie taking place in Louisiana, WandaVision giving Louisiana native Monica Rambeau her powers earlier this year, and now Sam Wilson's Louisiana roots playing a big role in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Louisiana is challenging New York for the most important state in the MCU.

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