I pre-ordered my copy of Charlaine Harris' final Sookie Stackhouse book months ago. Imagine my surprise when I woke early this morning, glanced at my phone and realized Dead Ever After was finally available for download!

Yesterday, when I posted about the return of True Blood, derived from Charlaine's Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries series, our web dude said I should rate the hottest vamps on True Blood. Apparently, he's not a fan. There are only two vampires of note in the series, unless you count Godric. The hotties span the supernatural evolutionary chain: vampires, werewolves, werepanthers, shapeshifters and more! Here are my all time favorite Sookie books (I've read them over and over) and their hot leading men! Do you agree? Let me know! I'm a Vampire Eric kind of girl!

Oh yeah, don't by calling or coming by the house tonight, I'll be curled up with a book!

  • 1

    Dead to the World

    This one is easy... Vampire Eric loses his memory in the installment and it's when Sookie truly falls in love. This is easily my #1! This is book four in the series and came out in 2004.

  • 2

    Club Dead

    Who could forget Club Dead?!?!?! Sookie travels to Mississippi and meets the totally hunky werewolf Alcide Herveaux. HOT! Club Dead came out in 2003 and was the third in the Southern Vampire Mysteries.

  • 3

    Definitely Dead

    Witches, New Orleans and hot were panther Quinn! I have to admit, at times I really wanted Sookie to end up with Quinn, but his family situation is too much baggage for any one to take on voluntarily. Definitely Dead is book 6 in the series and came out in 2006.

  • 4

    All Together Dead

    Charlaine was on a hot streak from book 6 to book 7, All Together Dead, where Sookie accompanied the vampires to their vampire summit. All of the contenders are there: Bill, Eric,Quinn, even Barry the Bellboy!

  • 5

    Dead Until Dark

    You can't ignore the book that got it all started! This is the one that hooked me and had me eagerly awaiting each new installment. If you haven't fallen for the members of Bon Temps, LA, you simply haven't picked up one of the Southern Vampire Mysteries!