Everyone knows about Laika, the first dog to be shot into space, but no one really acknowledges the first and only cat who was shot into space. Her name was Felicette.

According to Huffington Post, Felicette was apart of the CNES (Centre National d’études Spatiales) back in 1963. Huffington Post describes the CNES as the French version of NASA. Nonetheless, Felicette was sent about 97 miles above earth. This was only a 12 minute flight, according to Huffington Post. And the best part is that she lived. Well, that is until they had to euthanize her to study what space does to the body.

In all my years in school and my love for unique historical facts- I have never come across this story. Heck! I had no clue they even sent a cat into space... and I love cats! I am just saying, the the first cat in space needs more recognition.

Apparently someone feels the same way I do. A kickstarter has already been created to get the ol' gal a statue, and people have gone to social media to get the word out. So far they have raised £43,323 or 59,480.31 US dollars. If you want to find more information about the kickstarter click here.