January 13, 2011

Dr. Phil talks to Ted Williams... Plus Kate Hudson has a surprise for her son Ryder... And how did Jake break up with Taylor?

Dr. Phil might say he's responsible for sending Ted Williams off to rehab. At first Ted was resistant, but then he agreed to go get himself cleaned up before agreeing to any more gigs. He has admitted to falling off the wagon with his drinking. His bizarre behavior over the last few days made people like Dr. Phil take notice. Dr. Phil released a statement saying that he encouraged Ted to take this journey, but he needs to do it". The Dr. Phil interview airs today if you want to watch it. Ted's ex-wife and 5 more family members will also appear on the show. They have all said that Ted has been drinking alot Daily, despite his claims otherwise.

Kate Hudson is reportedly 14 weeks pregnant. The father is Muse lead singer, Matt Bellamy. They have been dating for 9 months and the baby is completely unexpected. The have released a statement saying that it wasn't planned, but they are excited and embracing it. Kate is very thrilled for her son Ryder to have another sibling.

Brett Favre can't seem to stay out of the news for reasons OTHER than football. His younger sister was one of 5 people arrested yesterday in a meth lab sting in Diamondhead, Mississippi where he grew up. The lab was producing meth and the police officers in the area witnessed drug deals going on nearby. When they followed the dealer home, they stumbled across the lab with 4 other people. In all, 3 men and 2 women were arrested and had to be decontaminated before heading off to jail. Brandi has some prior arrests for shoplifting and unlawful use of a weapon.

It seems Jake G. was taking a tip from Joe Jonas. He dumped Taylor Swift by phone! US Weekly is reporting that Taylor was blindsided by the sudden ending to their relationship after hanging out so much. She wasn't herself at the People's Choice Awards, even turning to her bestie Selena and telling her, "It's good to see you, I need a friend.

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