Lindsay had a new first... Who's on the short list to replace Regis? And a former Idol contestant sleeping on the streets?  It's all in the Hizziewood Hizzle!

Lindsay Lohan did it for the first time in her life! She passed up to 10 random drug and alcohol tests in the past two weeks since she left the Betty Ford Center. She's been living a very low key lifestyle and hanging at home most of the time. For once it seems she is very serious about getting healthy and putting her life back together. She could still face some trouble on her next court date if she violates probation at all. She will be facing the same judge as last time, Judge Elden Fox, who has supposedly already looked at the file concerning the assault incident at Betty Ford and he has decided not to take any action. He is only going to use it against her if she screws up sometime before now and then.

Good news for Kidd when it comes to potential Regis replacements. Since we were hoping he would make it as a host next week, we thought they were looking at potential candidates for Regis' full-time replacements. Well ABC news came out with a list for viewers to vote on and hopefully Kidd can rest easy. None of the Men of Radio made the cut. Those that DID include: Kelly Ripa's husband Mark Consuelos, Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin, Ryan Seacrest, Alec Baldwin, Bryant Gumbel, Neil Patrick Harris, Mario Lopez, Mark McGrath, and Jeff Probst!

They met at a Victoria Secret fashion show and it was love, a quick marriage, and a baby that followed. Orlando Bloom has revealed the first photo of his new baby boy with wife Miranda Kerr. The boy's name is Flynn and she gave birth just 10 days ago. Miranda uploaded the photo to her facebook page writing, "We have a beautiful little boy named Flynn. He was born on the 6th Jan and I gave birth to him naturally, without any pain medication.

With the premier of an all new season of American Idol tonight, you might ask yourself about some of last year's contestants. Remember Alex Lambert? Not Adam but the one from last year that was NOTHING like Adam Lambert? Well he sent out a weird tweet last night that says, ”Ever since Idol ended I’ve been kinda homeless! Sleepin on the street and behind buildings.” He continued to write that he's usually strong but he just can't take it anymore. This message was sent along to an Idol spokesperson who says that Alex is not being honest because he's been getting a monthly stipend to spend how he wants and even gets paid for studio time. Alex retracted his statement late last night saying, " I just want to do things on my own! I have places to stay I just don’t want to be a burden on anyone! I have money! And soon I will have a place to stay! I just wanted to let y’all know! I’m not some rich spoiled kid! That I’ve had to hustle and grind and I don’t mind sleepin on the street as long as I get my chance! Because I will not take it for granted! I hope y’all understand. Sorry for the miscommunication. I’m just fine!” Weird.