Is this what we've come to in 2017? Jumping over objects that aren't even there?

Yep, that's where we're at as a society, we have to have new trends every month or so, then quickly move on to the next thing. Most of the time, these trendy things are insanely stupid. Seriously, the hottest social media trend this year was to flip a freaking water bottle. We have to do better.

Anyways, the new thing is apparently the "Invisible Box Challenge". It's where you make it appear as though you step onto and then off of a small, invisible box.

I'll be honest, I've seen some that were pretty cool, but nothing I care to see twice, or the entire youth population attempting it!

Am I finally the old guy yelling at kids to get off my lawn?

Anyways, here's a clip showing you what it's all about.


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