The Wanted recently stopped by AOL Sessions while visiting New York City. While there, the guys not only performed a slew of their songs (including their new single ‘Chasing the Sun’ and their hit ‘Glad You Came’) but also talked about the stigma that comes with the “boy band” label, as well as their favorite song from rival boy band One Direction and their chances of collaborating with them.

Jay McGuiness started off the interview by talking about the “boy band” label. He said: “I think the view [of boy bands] changed slightly because people realized as much as a lot of young girls like our songs, we’re not just tailoring it to those people. We want to … we make songs that I think if it wasn’t five guys singing it … if it was one guy singing it, then everyone would buy it. And so somehow we always have that stigma, but we don’t care about those people — we care about the people that buy our albums and songs and we are very happy with the songs we do, I think.”

Although they’ve been asked time and time again about the whole One Direction “feud,” this time around, the guys actually dished on which 1D song was their favorite jam and the possibility of collaborating with the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ singers. While Max George wasn’t quick to answer the favorite song question, replying, “That’s something we have not thought about,” McGuiness gave some props to the 1D boys. ”Ok, the one that I like most is ‘It’s Gotta Be You’ because I just think those harmonies they do in the back, it’s just uplifting. It’s cool,” he said.

Even though they’ll admit to being familiar with One Direction’s catalog, the Wanted squashed any hopes of a collabo, and with good reason. George said, “It would be hard to do a collab with them because it’s sort of mixing two genre’s … you’re in the same genre, but the music’s so different … we’re allowed to make sexual innuendos where I’m guessing they wouldn’t. But we like to do that sort of thing, so we’d have to make a compromise which would fit …which would fit both sets of bands I think.”

Siva Kaneswaran then pointed out the most logical reason as to why the group’s will never meet: “There would be 10 people singing on our song which is just a crowd, that’s like a crowd. No one wants to listen to a crowd sing. No one!”

Max, Siva, Nathan, Jay and Tom then took to the AOL Sessions stage for a performance of hits. Watch them perform ‘Chasing the Sun’ and ‘Glad You Came’ below, and head over to AOL Sessions to check out the Wanted sing ‘All Time Low’ and ‘Gold Forever.’

Watch the Wanted Perform ‘Chasing the Sun’

Watch the Wanted Perform ‘Glad You Came’