Through the years many things have changed and for some cities that even means the name they go by. Below is a list from Only In Your State of towns from Louisiana that have changed names through the years. Still hoping for one day to have a Carterville... Right now the closest one is in Illinois that I know of.

1. Madisonville

This town is located in Southeast Louisiana not far from the Mississippi line and used to be called Coquille but was renamed in 1817.

2. Lafayette

This town was named Vermilionville for about 60 years before being renamed in 1884.

3. Shreveport

In honor of the founders, Captain Henry Shreve and The Shreve Company, Shreve Town was the name for around 3 years before becoming Shreveport in 1839.

4. Monroe

In honor of James Monroe and the role he played in the Louisiana Purchase, Fort Miro was renamed Monroe.

5. Lake Charles

This town was originally called Charleston but after 6 years of no one liking that name it was renamed Lake Charles in 1867.

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