This group of bikers are all about the stilettos and curves.

Typically when I see a group of motorcycles roar past me on the road, it's always the same. It's a group of men, or men with women riding on the back. Although I'm not interested in riding a motorcycle, I grew up with plenty of girls who spent their free time jumping on a bike and probably still enjoy a long ride today. I highly respect those women.

Which is why I love the Caramel Curves!

The Caremel Curves are an all-female biker groups in New Orleans and they are embracing their femininity while feeling the rush of riding a motorcycle. How do you spot them? Well, just look for their signature pink smoke and stilettos.

According to the New York Post, although the group started in 2004, it really didn't take off until 2008. You can thank Hurricane Katrina for that. Ugh, she ruins everything! But now the all-female group has become widely popular. The Caramel Curves have grown to 90 members and have since had to close their membership books. They even have a non-riding portion of their group, the Caramel Curves Social and Pleasure Club.

Living so close to the Big Easy, I'm sure you have seen these ladies before. They are regulars in the famous 2nd line brass band parades on Sundays and are active in the community with volunteer work. Their goal is to encourage and empower women through riding.

And after finding articles about them on multiple platforms, it appears they are doing just that on a national level.




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