Meet The Biggest Cat Bossier City Has Ever Seen.

Tommy the cat is a big boy. Tommy was surrendered by his owner to the animal shelter in Bossier after he pottied out of the litterbox. After Tommy did this a couple of times his owners decided he was too much for them and they dropped him off at the shelter. Luckily for Tommy his size is getting him noticed.

According to Buddies of Bossier City Animal Services on Facebook, "He is HUGE. He is confused. But he is nice, despite being dumped by his owner." Several Bossier residents claim that Tommy could have a simple UTI and that is why he was not peeing in his litterbox.

The Good News is Tommy Has Been Tagged By a Rescue and You Could Bring Him Home Soon.

If Tommy caught your attention and you want to make him a part of your family all you have to do is follow the Buddies of Bossier City Animal Services page. This page exists to help network the animals of Bossier City Animal Services.

Maybe You Can't Rescue an Animal Right Now That Is Okay, You Can Share on Your Socials.

Even something simple like resharing a litter of kittens may catch the right person and you can be the reason one of those kittens gets adopted. There are so many animals in Bossier Parish that need to be rescued.

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