No doubt the biggest news of the football off-season was the announcement that the universities of Texas and Oklahoma, the two best teams in the Big 12, will join the Southeast Conference, college football's most powerful league, starting in fall of 2025.

But as final arrangements are being drawn, financial settlements are being made and broken hearts across the Midwest start to mend, one big question has yet to be addressed: How will the new, stronger than ever, 16-team SEC be constructed?

In the less than one month since the official Texas, OU announcement was made, pigskin pundits and analysts all over the south have speculated as to how the newer, shinier SEC will look. Will there be two, eight team divisions? Is it more likely that four smaller divisions made up of four schools each are in the conference's future?

And what bout the many rivalries that have made SEC and Big 12 football so popular over the years?

Well, over the weekend a proposal was leaked to the media. Is it a first draft or the finished product? It's hard to say, because few details about the prospective plan were released. But one thing is certain - and pay attention LSU fans! If this proposition has any foundation in fact, the Tigers' road to football glory still goes through Tuscaloosa, Alabama. According to this proposed SEC layout, LSU and Alabama are still in the same division.

The plan calls for the new, redrawn SEC to be made up of four, four team divisions. It's also unclear if this plan, with four division winners, would require one more (semi-final) conference playoff game. Also note that this idea is based on geography. It maintains some traditional rivalries, while jettisoning others.

GROUP 1: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky

GROUP 2: Mississippi, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt

GROUP 3: LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas

GROUP 4: Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Missouri

One can assume that each team would play every team in their group every year. But what about the other nine on a twelve game schedule? All, it would appear, is still to be determined.

The good news is (if this is indeed, a real plan), officials have four years to iron out the details. But the bad news is - for LSU fans, at least - you can still be the second best team in the SEC, maybe even in the country, and miss out altogether.

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