My Out of Town Friends and Family Will Always Get a Warm Donut Before They Leave Shreveport.

One of my favorite memories that I have with my cousins from California is showing them the beauty of warm donuts, you have to understand warm donuts aren't a thing in California. Yes, we have places that sell donuts, however, no one sells a delicious glazed donut that is still hot. Even an empty box of Southern Maid Donuts is sexy. All the glaze left in the box is proof that there was once happiness in the box.

Hope Bell
Hope Bell

Southern Maid is Partnering With Rhino Coffee for a New Epic Location in South Shreveport.

The announcement took Shreveport by surprise and all of a sudden we were all on board so excited for what we think is a match made in heaven. The construction is expected to be finished by the end of the summer and we are all eager to check out the epic collaboration.

A Friend of Mine Said, "If North Bossier Had a Southern Maid Donuts I Would Never Have to Leave Town."

While we have been so consumed thinking about the collaboration happening in Shreveport we forgot that one place that desperately needs warm donuts is North Bossier.

via Southern Maid Facebook
via Southern Maid Facebook

Why Doesn't North Bossier Have a Southern Maid Donuts Yet?

Is it because we have not properly asked for one? If so, here is the official petition.

Dear Southern Maid Donuts, 

We have a huge love for your donuts in North Bossier too. Please quit skipping over us when it comes to a new location. North Bossier needs some love too.

Thank you.

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