My friends, today is Good Friday which means Easter is just two days away! That means the eggs need to be dyed, the baskets need to be bought, and the candy eggs need to be hid.

Ahead of this big holiday, I wanted to share some states about the Easter basket itself, and also try to help parents who are worried about going overboard. Believe me, I'm the worst at that so I may need this advice more than anyone else!


1.  Nearly 90% of Easter baskets will contain candy or chocolate.

2.  52% of us prefer our chocolate eggs to be filled with cream or caramel. 32% like their chocolate eggs to be solid. 16% like it hollow. 

3.  81% of parents admit to stealing candy from their kids' Easter baskets. (In my mind, that means 19% of parents are lying)


Now for the hard part. Parents, you love your kiddos everyone knows that. But you still have quite a bit of holidays to plan for so don't blow the budget on Easter! This study shows that 91% of parents will use Easter to teach their little ones about balance, so this should help!


1.  Buy small.  Meaning the candy and the Easter basket itself.  If the basket is small, it won't take as much candy to fill, and fun-size candy can make a huge difference in how much sugar your kid eats at one time.

2.  Fill it with stuff other than candy.  Like stickers, pencils, Legos, crayons, and other art supplies.

3.  Set expectations.  According to a dietician, one easy way to limit your kid's candy intake is to include a note from the Easter Bunny, telling them how much they can eat each day.  That way you don't come out looking like the bad guy.