Why Is Shreveport trending on TikTok? It Isn't Because of Mardi Gras Celebrations.

Normally it is some crazy delicious food item or Mardi Gras fun, however this time we are looking for Brandon.

Who Is Brandon From Shreveport? Did He Get the Job?

I can't be the only one asking myself this question. Who knew that references were so important in the hiring process? Especially when it comes to equipment operating jobs. TikTok user @diltony0913 is on a mission to let Brandon from Shreveport know that he got the job he was looking for.

"Hey, look here for a minute. If your name is Brandon and you're from the Shreveport area, you don't know me. But you put me down in a reference for that equipment operating job. I'm assuming you got your numbers mixed up. I just need you to know, dog, uh, I went to war for you." the video goes on to explain how far this man went to put Brandon from Shreveport in the lead position for the job.

This TikTok user oversold Brandon, and Brandon has some big shoes to fill.

"So you probably gonna get that job. Cause I let him know you can run anything from a shovel to a track. Oh, to run the job, to put him in office, clean the toilets, it don't matter. I told him how you know how to weld, electrician, uh, certified plumber. Jack of all trades, man. I told him how you don't. You don't take vacation. Got to kick him off location. Told him how only Christmas gift you need. Come to work, Brandon. And we seen his kids since they was born. 10 years old. All he does, work, work, work, work. Put it all overtime. Told him that you gonna bankrupt the company. How much he's going to pay you? So told him if I had to. You to a Brandon. Send the rest of boys home. Don't need them. So. Just saying though, when it comes time to checks, remember you boy"

Have You Seen the Viral Video Yet? You Can Watch it Below.

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